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Roof Inspection Little Rock: Everything You Need to Know

Most homeowners recognize the importance of a thorough roof inspection following a significant weather event to determine whether their roof has been damaged. However, this should not be the only time you consider the health of your roof. A roof inspector will be in charge of inspecting the roof for leaks, unusual wear and tear, windblown debris damage, organic growth issues, and problems that may have occurred during installation or repairs.

Following the inspection, you will receive a detailed report on the condition of your roof and what repairs, if any, are required to keep it in good condition. If repairs are required, schedule them as soon as possible—preferably before the climate condition worsen. As a result, when bad weather comes, with the service of Roof Inspection Little Rock you can rest assured that your roof is in good condition.

What are the signs that you may require a roof inspection?

Leaks and drafts are the two most obvious signs that your roof is damaged and should be inspected. In addition to looking for visible leaks, you should look for dark streaks and stains on your ceiling, as these can be indicators that your roof is leaking and moisture is causing damage to both your roof and your home interiors.

Cool drafts, on the other hand, are not always entirely attributable to your roof, but a faulty roof can cause issues with proper air circulation and ventilation, as well as raise your energy bills.Even if there are no obvious signs that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, a more thorough inspection may reveal damage that is not visible to the untrained eye. As a result, scheduling an annual roof inspection with Roof Inspection Little Rock is always a good idea.

During an inspection, what do roofers look for?

Depending on the roofing materials used, a roofing professional will look for different things during an inspection. Here are a few common issues that a roofing professional will look for during an inspection if you have a shingle roof:

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Water damage indicators – Water damage can be caused by a variety of factors, including clogged gutters, improperly installed or damaged flashing, and storms that blow shingles off, allowing water to seep in. 

Mold growth – Mold growth around the chimney and on attic insulation are indications of excessive water damage. A roofing professional will pay special attention to these areas during the interior inspection. Shingle deterioration can manifest as missing or loose shingles, rotting, or algae growth on the shingles.

Clogged gutters – An excessive amount of loose shingle granules in your gutters indicates that your shingles are being worn away. Granules add weight to your shingles while also protecting them from UV rays.

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